Best IPHONE Tips and Tricks

Best IPHONE tips and Tricks

I share some incredible tactics for your iPhone let’s dive in so if you launch Safari and you type in an address into the address bar and you click go just about a hundred percent of the time it takes you to the mobile version of their website.

now there is a way to request the actual desktop website all you do is press and hold the refresh button on Safari and there’s going to bring up the secret menu that says request desktop site tap on that is going to take you to the full version of that website that you would see on a desktop PC or laptop.

1. Clear the RAM

How to clear the RAM on your phone press and hold the power button until slide to power off appears and then press and hold home button and that’s going to clear the ram just press and hold it until you go to the home screen and the moment the home screen appears that actually clears the ram in the background.

2. Video Camera

video camera as you know the iPhone comes with an advanced video camera that can record in 1080P and 30 frames per second 60 frames per second or 4K video I just want to show you quickly how you can toggle between these options the first and foremost let’s launch the camera and I just want you guys to know when you first launch the camera and you go to the video mode by default it is recording at 1080P and 30 frames per second that’s just the default option you simply have to glance at the black area in the bottom right to confirm this if there’s nothing going on over there that means you’re recording at 1080P and 30 frames per second.

let me show you how to modify those options going to the settings scroll down where it photos and camera and then scroll down again and go to record video and here’s where you tweak all the options as you can see you have for us Shin 720p at 30 frames-per-second 1080p at 30 frames per second which has a check mark next to it that means it is a default and then you can switch to 1080p at 60 frames per second by simply tapping on that option and quickly pay attention to the block of text at the bottom over here.

it shows you that the higher the resolution and the higher the frames per second the more space your video takes and also in the case of 1080p at 60 frames per second your video is going to take more space but it’s also going to be much more smooth so just keep those things in mind let’s get out of here and lost the camera make sure it’s something really nice so if you go back into camera if you look at that bottom block now it says 60 frames per second.

so you can tell at a glance at what frames per second your video is being recorded it and also at what resolution is the same thing with the 4K let’s go back in the settings pic 4K at 30 frames per second go back in the camera and it’s a video and now it says 4K so you can always tell at what resolution you are in fact recording no can do the same thing with slow motion recording so its go back in the settings go back into photos in-camera and right at the bottom it says record slow-motion you do have two options you can do 1080p 120 frames per second or 720p at 240 frames per second which is going to give you a super slow motion and if you go back into the camera and if you scroll over to slow motion.

at the bottom block you’re not going to see anything if you don’t see anything that means it’s being recorded at 240 frames per second if you picked this option and go back to the camera at the bottom you going to see hundred twenty frames per second at 1080P and that is how you distinguish and switch between available options.

3. Locking Individual Notes

locking individual notes so if you lunch your notes application you can actually individually lock specific notes that you think are sensitive information so let’s say this note to me was very private and I wanted to lock it so nobody else can see it unless they know the password or unless they have a fingerprint registered to unlock the Note.

so let me show you how to get that done so on the home screen click on settings scroll down towards notes and then tap on the password field and here you can have two options number one you’re going to have to set up a traditional passwords such as numbers or letters and number two you can enable use Touch ID and that’s going to allow you to view locked notes just by using your fingertips.

so let’s go back in the Notes application and i am show you how to lock the Note Tap on Note tap on that icon in the top-right and from here choose to lock note and once you tap on lock note is going to ask you to put in your password which is a password you picked under the notes settings so put the password and then click OK and then it’s going to allow you to lock or unlock this note read that note it tap the lock icon in the toolbar or lock your device to hide the contents.

so lets tap the lock icon on the toolbar and there you go the note is now locked let me go back out and go back in just to show you how it works so let’s say somebody Taps on this note and goes inside is going to say the note is locked and you can tap on view note and then it’s going to ask you for your fingerprint you put that in it I locks the note absolutely fantastic you can do this on any note that you can do.

4. secret menu

secret menu that you can actually enable that is going to float about on your screen it’s called the Assistive Touch so let’s go into the settings to enable this so go to General and go to accessibility and then scroll down where it says Assistive touch right over there and simply enable the option and the moment you label it you’ll see a little menu that just popped up let’s go back to home screen you can take this thing and you can put it anywhere that you please you can float and sit any place on the screen that you want.

so let’s see what you can do with this thing first and foremost this can be used as the software version of the home button to list app on it at home and as you can see it performs the same function but if you look at it there’s more options sitting inside Assistive touch as you can see I just invoked Siri so that’s one option using the Assistive touch you can even bring the notifications panel down without even having to actually pull it down from the top.

so just tap on it and then notifications panel drops down you can do the same thing with the control center so let’s go back home tap on Assistive touch and tap on Control Center and as you can see came right up fantastic you can also customize Assistive touch in the settings menu so let’s go into the settings menu really quick on my tree how to customize the Assistive touch to meet your needs to go to settings and simply tap on customize top-level menu and from here if you want to change the function of any icon here you simply tap on the icon and choose the new function and as you can see you in fact have several options.

now there’s an option on your iPhone where if you type something in or if you do anything and after that you shake your phone it brings up a prompt that asks you to undo what you just did so just type something I shake my phone and the prompt came right up it says do you want to undo the typing now for some people this may not be desirable we can actually disable this function where if you shake your phone.

The Prompt does not show up so let’s cancel this really quick go out go into the settings and then go to General and go into accessibility and look for shake to undo which is right there on the top simply tap it and disable this option there we go so let’s go back to the Notes application launch it and type something in and then shake the iPhone and see what happens and absolutely nothing happens in one quick thing.

I want to show on the camera if you go into the camera and go to the photo by default there’s no grid you can actually enable the grid going to the settings go all the way back to the general menu and look for photos and Camera scroll down a little bit and simply enable the grid and now you going to be able to actually see a grid on the camera that’s going to allow you to better align your photos so make sure you guys enable this for better photography.

5. Notifications Panel

the notifications panel as you can see you got a sense of translucency a sense of transparency throughout the notifications panel you can see a bluer version of the home screen in the background know what you can do is you can actually change the color of the notifications panel to a solid black you can do the same thing for the control center.

so if I pull the control Center you still have that sense of translucency transparency going on so quickly go into settings tap on General go to accessibility and scroll down to where it says increase contrast and from here choose reduce transparency just tap on that I icon enable it let’s go back out and see what the panel looks like now so pull down the panel and as you can see it is sold Black the transparency has disappeared.

if I go back to the control center is going to be solid gray and the transparency is has in fact gone and as you can see even the bar at the bottom is now a solid gray color if I was go back into settings and disable that option and go back out as you can see the bar is now transparent so it really is up to you which type you desire.

6. Enabling Restrictions

enabling restrictions on your iPhone so other people when they grab your iPhone can not do certain things you have full control of first and foremost let’s go into the settings and scroll down to General and then scroll down to restrictions. now when you first tap on restrictions it’s going to ask you to pick a password so that step on it and then click enable restrictions and boom it won’t you to set a passcode.

so this type of simple passcode is going to ask you to do one more time and there we go there is a lot you can restrict under this menu and these are amazing features but let’s start off with the basics right off the bat you can see that you can disable Safari the camera Siri FaceTime airdrop and car play let me quickly go back to the home screen and take a look at the home screen.

you can see so far you can see the camera lets you disable these and see what it looks like so let’s go back and restrictions could ask you to put your password pop it in and then let’s I disable Safari disable camera go back out and as you can see those icons have not disappeared and nobody can ever use them unless you go back in there put your password in and remove the restrictions yourself and observe how you have to put your password in every single time you go to restrictions so there’s no way anybody can hack into this let’s just enable everything again and if you scroll down there’s even more options.

you know you can disable iTunes store and all that but take a look at the three blue options at the bottom installing apps deleting apps and in-app purchases all these three things can be restricted and that is quite useful if you’re giving your phone to somebody else so they can not install or remove applications so normally if I go over here and tap and hold the screen you can delete any application you want by tapping the X icon maybe that’s not something you want other people to do on your phone so what you want to do it you want to disable that option and then when you go back out and somebody’s playing with your phone if they tap and hold that X symbol simply is not going to appear so there’s no way to uninstall these applications without you being present and removing that restriction.

7. Storage Management

storage management going to the settings on your phone go to General and scroll down to where it says storage and iCloud usage what are like over here is that you get a snapshot with the local storage on your iPhone and you also get to snapshot with your iCloud account from here you get some useful information on the top is a local storage it says that you have an available space is 48.6 gigabytes and you’re currently using 4.9 gigs if you look at the bottom of the iCloud side.

it says your total iCloud storage is 5 gigs and you’re currently using 4.2 gigs of that available storage but you do have the option to tap on manage storage and go into some details so over here as you can see GarageBand it’s taking 1.2 gigabytes of storage space and my question would be why because I never ever use GarageBand so simply tap on GarageBand and once you’re inside you can actually delete this application and get rid of it so tell him that and confirm the deletion.

now you suddenly have 1.2 gigs of extra storage space and you do the same thing with any app on this list let’s go back and you can do the same thing with iCloud you can manage the storage for your iCloud account and from here you can inspect the numbers and as you can see a movie for example is taking a lot of storage space on my iCloud account which I would like to be freed up to tap on it and then simply click edit which brings up the deletion menu so simply click that bar the red bar and then click delete and that’s going to free up some good amount of space on my iCloud account fantastic.

8. Battery Management

battery management so let’s go into settings and lets us scroll down to battery and tap it is going to go right into the settings and let me show you guys how to calculate exactly how long your battery last after a full charge on your iPhone before that so quickly take a look at the low-power mode and battery percentage meter so as you know the low-power mode is going to save you some battery life is going to shut off some background tasks that you do not need and the battery percentage.

if you disable it kills that percentage symbol on the top status bar so as you click it on you can see it says 94% of the top but let’s go down over here and over here you get a breakdown of which application on your iPhone has been using your battery you can go by the last 24 hours for the last 4 days so tap on that and there’s a secret button that you can press right over there they give you some additional information.

so when you press that button that looks like a clock it actually tells you how much time that application was on the screen and even how much an application was in the background so if we get the WhatsApp it says 21 minutes of the 17% usage was on screen and 19 minutes was in the background same thing with the Notes application two minutes on screen and two minutes on background total battery usage was 2% this is just a nice and organized way to find out what the heck is going on with your battery usage and finally at the bottom it says time since last full charge.

I have been using my iPhone for 56 minutes and has been on the standby for 3 hours and 55 minutes since the full charge so all you have to do is fully charge your phone and let the battery drain all the way down to 1 or 2% and then come back and look at these two statistics the usage and standby time and that’s going to give you exactly how long your battery stays alive both in terms of usage and standby nothing can give you a more exact measurement of your battery life on your iPhone.

9. Hide Information

Life wonderful so let’s talk about how to hide information from prying eyes let’s turn off the phone and then turn it back on and as you can see right now the phone is locked so you have to either put your fingerprint or put the passcode however even when it’s locked people can still access your notifications and your today’s screen that might have some private information they can also access the control center if they pull from the bottom up.

so let me show you guys how to disable access to the control center and the notifications panel from your phone first I’m going to show you guys how to hide control center so let’s go into the settings for that scroll down it’s right on the top actually tap on Control Center and simply disable access on lock screen let’s go back to the main settings and it showed the notifications panel next so going to touch ID and passcode put in your passcode and then scroll down to where it says to allow access when locked.

so from here you can turn off today’s panel notifications view Siri replies with message and wallet you can disable access to any of these guys but I’m going to do is I’m a disabled access to today and notifications view let’s go back out to the lock screen and now as you can see I can neither access the notifications panel the today screen or even the control center let me quickly go back in here I show you one more thing and lets I enable today’s view but keeping notifications view disabled and see what that looks like a table that I shut off the phone really quick and go back to! the screen.

if you pulled on that Center you can access today screen but you’re not going to be able to access notifications panel that’s usually on the right so you can infect customize as you please let me show you a quick tip regarding the fingerprint sensor let’s go into the settings and scroll down to where it says Touch ID and passcode and if you scroll down a little bit worse his fingerprints let’s fix that real quick as you can see it’s his left thumb and left index to the iPhone itself does not know which finger when you’re using after scanning each finger you have to tap on that fingerprint and rename each one of these manually just so you guys can keep track of it so let’s just up and left thumb right now.

as you can see I can simply edit the name of that finger I can just keep it as Lefty so make sure you guys name your fingers properly as you scan them so you can actually keep track of which finger is what in case you want to delete or update any one of these.

Let’s get some more tips let’s go into the settings I want to show you a batch of tips altogether going to General going to accessibility and over here the first thing I want you guys to see the grayscale option if you tap gray scale everything on your phone across the board becomes black and white grayscale mode this could be great if you want less stress.

when your eyes especially when you’re reading a book but as you can see in the matter where I go everything is black and white which is fantastic so let’s go back into settings disable the grayscale mode but enable the invert colors mode so this is going to invert the entire color scheme of your phone so that no matter where you go on your phone in the settings in the home screen everything is going to be inverted Not a Bad Thing to play with if you just want to have some fun fantastic.

let’s go back to settings and disable this mode General accessibility turn off and that’s a scroll down over here and let’s take a look at the a couple other options so the first one over here is you can change size of the text you can build in the text but you can also say I change the button shapes so let’s enable that and see what happens to this menu so as you can see on the top left you to get a button shape if I go back out the button shape is still there if I go back in and disable it that button shape disappears so just a quick way to customize your phone.